Crucial Steps To Landing The Job You Want

Are you looking to advance your career or land a new position? Whether you’re looking to move into a role that better utilizes your skills or are working towards a promotion within your existing job, there are several steps you’ll want to take to achieve your goals. When you have your eyes set on a specific position, you want to take every measure in your power to get it. Assertiveness and confidence can take you a long way. While you don’t want to be overbearing or pushy, you do want to display an eagerness and being clarity regarding your plans.

Make Your Goals Clear

  • If you’re content in your current position and don’t want further responsibility, it’s all right to say so. On the other hand, if you want something more, make sure you speak up and your employer is aware. Simply putting the information out there in an email or conversation should suffice. Don’t assume your employer is aware of your career goals and intentions. If your current employer doesn’t know that you want to move up, you may miss out on valuable opportunities. If you’re looking to move to a new company, share with them what interests you about the company and the intentions you have for growth in the role. By clearly sharing exactly what is that you want, you’ll discover that they’re more likely to give it to you.

Follow The Application Process

  • Whether you’re hoping to move up from within or you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to follow the described application process. Review all the instructions in the application process. Hiring managers take note of every detail. If they tell you to send your information by email, do so. If they ask for a hard copy of your resume, it’s important to provide it. When you pay attention to the details of the application, you show that you’re genuinely interested in a specific job, not just following the same procedure for every application you put in–and you prove that you’ll give that same attention to detail in your everyday job performance. This is an opportunity to make a good impression and display your ability to follow direction.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Nerves can have a drastic impact on our message delivery. When you approach your boss about your interest in a new position or promotion, practice it first. Take the time to think through exactly what you want to say and remove the unnecessary filler from your statement. You’ll find that this makes you appear more confident, which in turn increases your employer’s confidence in you. The same applies to job interviews. There is no shame in practicing the key points you want to be sure to communicate. Rehearsing these items will make for better delivery when interviewing with a potential employer.

Be Clear & Stay Positive

  • Don't express that you’re being under-utilized in your current position; instead, communicate that you believe you can bring more valuable skills and abilities to the table. You aren’t unhappy in your current role; rather, you believe that a new job will be a great fit with your skills. When you’re positive about this shift in your employment status, you’ll discover that your attitude is more likely to rub off on the people in charge of putting you in a new position.

It's Okay To Speak Up

  • Remember that it’s okay to ask for the changes you want. You aren’t being ungrateful for your current job, nor are you leaving your current team in the dust. Instead, you’re making a career move that’s best for you and your family. Don't let guilt hold you back and prevent you from asking for the job you really want.

Getting the job of your dreams isn’t always as simple as just asking for it, but it’s a great step towards your goals! A simple assertive, calm attitude is a great way to put yourself forward and show that you’re a great fit for an available position. Ask for what you want and make it clear that you’re going to continue to pursue your career goals. You may be amazed by what you’re able to accomplish as a result!

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