Top-Notch Home Repair Programs

Home modifications, improvements, and repairs can be extremely expensive. Often times finding the funds to fix a problem in your home can be difficult. Savings and any extra funds are usually spent on more immediate needs. The good news is that there are many financial assistance programs available to help with home repairs. These programs help families get the improvements they need even if they don’t have the budget for it.

Non Profit Home Repair Program

"Repair. Revitalize. Rebuild." Is the mission behind the organization transforming the lives of low-income individuals. With a vision to create safe homes and communities for everyone, Rebuilding Together provides assistance such as:

  • Critical Home Repairs – Major repairs for individuals who cannot afford to maintain their home in a safe condition.
  • Accessibility Modifications – Accessibility upgrades for low income elderly and/or disabled individuals. This may include wheelchair ramps, lifts, stair glides, handrails etc.
  • Plumbing & Heating – Provides repair and/or replacement of heating systems, hot water heaters, leaking pipes, inoperable toilets, and additional needs.

Rebuilding Together is a volunteer driven organization that tackles 10,000 projects a year. If you are in need of home repair and are struggling financially you may qualify for assistance. To find a local affiliate, use the database on the Rebuilding Together website. Once you find an affiliate in your area, visit their website to determine eligibility requirements, programs offered and application process.

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Government Home Repair Programs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers home improvement loans that range from property improvement loans to home improvement assistance for specific demographics.  Minorities, senior citizens, women, single-parent homes, veterans, people with disabilities, and financially disadvantaged people can all receive special opportunities for home grants. Learn about the HUD Title 1 Property Improvement Loan and several other loans and incentive options or contact your state Department of Housing and Urban Development office for programs in your community.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is the agency devoted to helping people before, during and after disasters.  If your home was damaged in a disaster you may qualify for Disaster Home Assistance. Financial grants from FEMA can be used for repairs such as structural damage to utility or septic system fixes.  This type of support helps individuals rebuild after major catastrophes. 

With a little bit of research, you can find the assistance you need to have your home repaired, or at least to cover some of the cost of the repairs.  You can also review these additional government home repair grants available and select those that best suit your needs.

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