Thinking About Replacing Your Windows? Here's What You Should Know

Don’t just love the feeling of moving into a new home? The smell of brand new furniture and warm sunlight shining through your new windows feels exhilarating.

But since moving to a new home isn’t a routine occurrence for most households, you can get the same feeling just by simply installing new windows. As the saying goes, windows are the eyes to the house, so what better way to bring a new feel than by installing new windows?

How to Install New Windows

Installing windows may seem intimidating at first, but once you know the basics, it gets easier. All you need is the right resources at hand and some basic tips and tricks. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to install them:

1) Planning

The first and most important step is to plan how you want your window to look like. Pre-planning will make the work easier to pull off, so pick out a design that meets your preferences and budget.

If you are designing your own window, make sure to research what materials and styles are best for your house setting. For instance, vinyl is ideal for cold environments, while clad is better for places that have predominantly warm weather.

2) Framing For New Windows

Take down the framing of old windows or break through the walls to create an opening for a new window. This is considered the hardest part of the job, because you must ensure everything aligns perfectly.

One way to make sure your windows will properly align is to use duct tape to highlight the area that needs changing. It's important to determine if there is any wiring, plumbing, or ductwork that runs through that area of the walls, in order to avoid any damage to your property.

3) Ceiling Support

When installing the window, you must leave a three-inch gap to prevent the ceiling from sagging. If you are not confident about following this and the next step, maybe you should consider hiring a contractor that can assist you.

4) Installation

You might need to make changes based on the type of window you are installing, seek a method that suits your area and seal it properly to stop rainwater from infiltrating. This process will take a lot of time, so it's best to take it slowly and carefully. For more information on how to install a window, click here.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Windows

If installing new windows is completely out of your budget, know that there are a couple ways you can decorate and spruce up the windows you already have. Some of them include

Put Up New Curtains

Installing new curtains is the easiest and perhaps most affordable way to upgrade or decorate your windows. The variety of different fabrics and lengths make the possibilities nearly endless. Browse through some websites for inspiration to see what curtain models catch your eye.

Curtains can also serve many other purposes other than interior decoration. They can be used for temperature control, privacy and can even help minimize dust from coming into your home.

Wood Backing Valances

The top part of the window is called the valance. If you paint it a different color, for instance, it can make the shape of your window stand out even more. This can dramatically change the room's contrast and give it a much brighter look.

Add Shelves

You can decorate new windows by placing shelves underneath or on the side of the windows. This can help shape them into place and can add storage space to the room.

Some homeowners also choose to install shelves in front of their windows, which are ideal for placing plants to maximize their exposure to sunlight.

Install a Unique Curtain Rod

You can customize curtain rods by painting them a different color or even replacing them completely by another pattern that matches your aesthetic. You can also change them so they match or contrast with the curtains and the window framing.

Curtains Without Rods

What if you tried curtains with no rods at all? This will bring a minimalistic feel to your house as it's as easy as pinning curtains to your window - which is exactly what it is. Curtains with no rods can also bring an elegant feel to the design of the room.


Upgrading your windows can instantly change the ambiance of your house. And with the proper information and guidance, setting up a new window can be effortless.

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