Simple Home Maintenance Tips That will Save You BIG Money

For most people, a home represents their single, largest, financial asset. You may assume that because of this fact it is also the most protected and looked after. Unfortunately, because life gets in the way - homecare and improvement often fall at the bottom of the priority list. Regular upkeep to your home is difficult to maintain and often times, seemingly minor fixes turn into extremely costly repairs. Draining our bank accounts to take care of unexpected issues interferes with our ultimate saving goals and can feel like a set back. This article provides 5 simple, home maintenance steps that go a long way towards protecting your biggest investment and preventing pricey repairs.


  • Most driveways, use some sort of paved surface, and many rely on blacktop, because it works well and is relatively cost-effective. When weather changes, chemicals such as salt, cause wear and tear in the pavement. Slight cracks can expand and in some cases become holes. Rather than let this go, seal the area on a regular or seasonal basis depending on weather patterns in your area.  Making sure your driveway is sealed before winter weather can help prevent further damage.


  • Commit to regularly clearing, and removing leaves from all surfaces. This includes ground surfaces such as lawns and gardens as well as roof areas such as the gutters. Periodically tending to these items can significantly reduce greater challenges and potential costly expenses like deterioration, and damage to gutters.

Paint Chips

  • Whether on the inside or on the exterior of a house, addressing paint issues, sooner, rather than later, is the smartest approach! Maintenance of the paint in your home can prevent further cracking or peeling and can give your home fresh feel. Plus, repainting a little at a time as these issues occur is a lot easier than tackling them all at once.

Clear Drains

  • If you hope to avoid groundwater issues, it’s important to commit to clearing the exterior drains so they can do their job as designed. There are many products on the market to help with this process. Be sure to remove leaves, and other obstructions and/ or impediments, so you aren’t faced with unwanted flooding, or excessive, avoidable icing, etc.

Seal Windows & Doors

  • When was the last time you replaced your windows? Are your heating/cooling bills high? It is possible there is air leaking from your windows or doors. Paying some attention to this, and using items such as caulk, door sweeps, etc., will save energy costs, and keep your house far more comfortable.

The above tips may seem obvious but are easily forgotten when life gets hectic. Taking these 5 simple maintenance steps serve as great preventive measures and can save you BIG in the long run!

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