Critical Money Skills to Master For a Successful Financial Life

"Greater financial knowledge can empower people to better manage their money and improve their quality of life."

Financial literacy is not a skill taught in school but something we could all benefit from in helping us navigate a money centric world.  The program we’re highlighting will give you the knowledge to take control of your finances and help you to learn how to manage your money wisely.  Here we’ve provided a breakdown of the invaluable education tools Practical Money Skills has to offer.

The Basics

Start off by learning the basics to improve your financial future.  Gain a better understanding of foundational personal finance topics such as budgeting and saving.  Learning how to evaluate your finances and build a budget is essential to growing your savings and emergency funds. Here you can also educate yourself on credit basics like building credit - a crucial part of your financial profile for those who want to qualify for loans and good interest rates.  Information on debt, financial institutions, and identity theft are also available here.

Life Events

When life throws you a curve ball it’s best to be prepared.  Having financial stability can make life’s unique challenges a little easier.  This resource covers common milestones like going to college, buying a car, buying a home, retirement and much more. Whatever stage of life you’re in, being well-informed will allow you to make better choices for you and your family. 

Fun With Finances

Practical Money Skills even provides interactive teaching methods for people of all ages.  Test your money skills with Financial Soccer or Financial Football games that will give your brain a workout and boost your knowledge.  For younger generations, Peter Pig’s Money Counter will help kids recognize U.S. coins and understand the value of saving.  This innovative program is helping children and adults gain financial literacy in new and exciting ways.

Making finances fun, this is an important resource you’ll want to invest your time in!

Additional Assistance

If you’ve found yourself struggling financially and would like to work on eliminating your debt and finding financial stability, we’ve got additional resources that can help.

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